wendys nutty vegan cheese shop

Our cheese selection changes each month, so be sure to check back often. Our 100% organic vegan cheese is made in small batches and has a base of either soy or cashew. We always do our best to use only local, fresh, and NON-GMO ingredients.

All orders must have a minimum total of 32 ounces (you can mix and match cheeses). We ship on the 15th & 30th of each month but have a 2 week lead time, so your shipment date will be determined by the date you place your order. For example: If you place your order on the 27th of the month, your order will ship out on the 15th of the following month. If you place your order on the 7th of the month, your order will ship out in the shipment on the 30th.

Please note: All of our cashew-based cheeses have a shelf life of 6 weeks in the refrigerator. To extend that life, put what you're not going to use in the freezer and enjoy it any time. Our soy-based cheeses have a 3-4 week shelf life in the refrigerator. We do not recommend freezing our soy-based cheeses as it changes the texture.

Shipping Information

Please read the important shipping information below before ordering to ensure items arrive in optimal condition.
Items not shipped as per instructions below are sent at your own risk!

  1. Delivery - If you will NOT be home to receive the items at the time of delivery, we STRONGLY suggest having the order shipped to your work location, or, to a family member/friend/neighbor who can take the items in and put them into proper cold storage immediately on arrival.
  2. Refrigeration - We are not responsible for items that are too thawed if they are delivered early and not taken in to be refrigerated until later in the evening, so please plan your delivery accordingly so that your order will not spend the day sitting on a porch or in a hallway where it will continue to thaw for many hours.
  3. Agreement - By clicking the check box on each product page prior to adding it to your cart, you confirm that you have read our policies, and accept all risk in shipping this item to you. In the event that you choose not to ensure timely refrigeration upon arrival, we cannot offer any replacements or reimbursements for items that have spent excessive time in heat en route to their destination.


How is my order shipped?

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (overnight or 2-3 day) with insulated packaging and ice packs or dry ice.

Due to the perishable nature of the product, shipments are sent without a signature required to avoid excessive periods in the carrier's possession. It is therefore very important that you ship to a location where someone will be there to receive it. Many of our subscribers ship to work locations or a neighbor who is often home.

Please do not be alarmed if your cheese arrives in a state of thawing (which may happen if your area is quite warm at the time of delivery), as there are no animal-based ingredients that pose a health risk of going bad by being exposed to some heat during the final part of delivery. It will be adequate to consume even if it is not completely chilled when it arrives. Items may begin to warm up on the 2nd day in transit if they are transported in warm trucks or are being delivered to hot areas. So long as you ensure proper delivery in this time frame items will only warm up for a short period at most and will stay cool for the bulk of the journey to you.

How will I know when to expect my delivery?

We will email you as soon as we ship your box with the estimated date of arrival so you know when to expect it.